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The Japan Medical Association Research Institute (JMARI) was established to strongly support the "Development of Health Care Policies for the Japanese People" that JMA promotes. It is JMA's Think Tank.


The foremost guiding principle of JMARI is to strive to achieve health care that is humane. The term, "humane" signifies kindness, compassion, and consideration, but in this case it also denotes assurance that stems from the confidence of the professional physician. Humane health care is also easy to understand. The focus of the research conducted by the JMARI is always people oriented.


The JMARI was established to conduct the following tasks.

  1. To plan and draft health care policies that will be selected by the Japanese public.
  2. To create a consensus-building process centered on the Japanese people.
  3. To provide reliable data and information.
The diverse selection of health care policies that are drafted to fulfill these tasks are used to support JMA activities.

Research Network

JMARI is in the process of establishing the research network system. Opened to the following concerned organizational level.

Research Systems And Fields
Research Systems Research Fields
Economics Information
  • Social Security Policy based on Long-term Vision
  • Social Security Expense and Inter-Industrial Relationship
  • Structural Health Care Reform/Medical Fee Reimbursement
  • Health Information Network
  • Medical Management
  • Long-Term Care Insurance System / Long -Term Care Service
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing System
  • Physician-Patient Relationship
  • Bioethics
  • Medical Ethics
Medicine Ethics
  • Medical Education / Continuing Medical Education / Technical Innovation
  • Internationalization and Global Standard
  • Information Disclosure
  • Medical Risk Management
  • Good Relationship with Public
  • Countermeasures against Aging
Strategy Development
  • Countermeasures against Fewer Children
  • Health Investment
  • System Development
  • Promoting Mutual Understanding in Governmental Agencies and Organizations
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